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NEW! Subscription offerings

I'm a tender creature, and have been feeling pretty blocked in the content-creation department for a bit here. The insights and downloads from the living sky have been getting more and more rewarding, but I don't feel safe sharing some of the questions, experiments, and insights from my path with the whole world.

I've decided to start offering regular broadcasts to subscribers (through a private and hidden Facebook group to start), and also regular readings at a very reasonable price for those who resonate with my offerings. 

My approaches to astrology are perfect for some, but don't work for everyone, and I'm interested in regularly connecting with the souls who can most benefit from my work.

You can cancel at any time.  

I've designed three ways to support me in my deepening work and benefit from this new project:

(You'll receive an interpretation file about your natal chart with any of the three)

Sample Natal Chart Report  

$6/month Private Group Offerings Subscription

Receive access to my members-only weekly broadcasts and a growing collection of astrology resources, and get answers and support about the questions and adventures that are on your plate. 


$24/month Quarterly Readings Subscription

It's great to get a reading once in a while, but the charts can only tell part of the story. 

Sign up for quarterly readings with me to find out how the rewards can get deeper and deeper each time (you'll also receive access to the members-only group broadcasts and resources): $24/month 

(Pay an additional $48 if you'd like to avoid the 3-month wait before your first session)

$36/mo Quarterly Readings + Personal Transit Reports and Resources Subscription

(Pay an additional $48 if you'd like to avoid the 3-month wait before your first session)

Receive regular readings, access to the members-only broadcasts and offerings, and also get personal digital and printable transit reports with interpretations (reports are sent every three months). 

Here's what each 3-month transit folder includes:

-Digital calendar files to import which include mini interpretations for most events

(I include separate files for the Moon- only including its conjunctions, oppositions, and squares (the significant hits) so as not to overwhelm your calendar)

-Transit interpretation reports that start on the first of each month (3-month reports)

-Timeline Graphs to help you understand when effects of transits are strongest

-An additional report about longer-term influences


(Click here for the- Full Menu


(All sessions currently offered by Zoom or phone)  

You came to planet earth for some epic adventures in expansion and awakening, and the challenging plot twists and stories of contraction and resistance on the path are usually where the most treasure is hiding.

A session at this time can help you awaken to more of your personal power and to find resonance with and gratitude for more of the wildly original soul adventures you're walking through.

After you book your appointment, you'll receive a confirmation of your appointment time, an invoice for your upcoming reading, and an astrological intake email (within the next 24 hours max). Please reply with your birth info and answers to the intake questions, and submit your payment through the invoice, and I'll get started with my extensive cooking processes to prepare a deeply rewarding session for you.

You'll receive copies of charts and resources we discuss, and a follow-up email with a recording of our session. 

I love setting up study plans and regularly scheduled reading packages for clients (and I love exploring questions and theoretical adventures with new (and old) friends!). Feel free to set up a time to connect for a chat!

Join the New (beta run) of Adam's Quarterly Reading plan. 

Quarterly Readings and Media Access

Full Reading by Zoom or Phone (90 Minutes)


Absorbing the gifts of your birth chart takes a lifetime, but one full reading with Adam will get some of those treasures right out on the table, and help you to find new strength to show up to receive more of the gift of you on planet earth. Whether this is your first reading or you've been getting them for years, you will gain deeper clarity about what you came hear for and your current adventures (and relationships), cultivating peace, confidence, and gratitude that will help you to live a more empowered life.

If you don't have the time or headspace to dive all the way into the deep end with a full reading, we can get straight to some helpful understandings and shifts by staying focused on the most significant influences of of your birth chart and the headlines of your current events.

Private Lesson by Zoom (2 hours)


Study Astrology! This stuff is evolutionary rocket fuel! Whether you’re just getting started, or have been studying for years, a tutorial (in person or by phone/online) will put wonderful tools and new clarity in your hands, and help you to apply this magical art to your experiences and relationships more effectively. You will receive a ridiculously large pile of helpful handouts whose contents will be clarified by your intake responses.

Return Client Reading (90 minutes)


Need a little astro update? This session is available to returning clients who are ready for a little infusion of cosmic inspiration and guidance. These check-ins can be more focused on processing and understanding current events, or more on getting resources to better understand charts and follow transits. Clarify your wishes in your response to the intake email.


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