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AstroWeather Forecast

AstroWeather Forecast 

Monday, April 5th

7:00 to 8:30 PM CST

Donations accepted but not required

Come along on the ride as we explore the unfolding messages of the living sky, and talk about some ways to get magical with these intense (and potential-packed) astrological energies we're navigating.

We'll start with brief check-ins, and then explore some major themes, opportunities, and astrological happenings of the month (and connections to larger weather patterns).

Come and help download more cosmic goodness and find some uplifting and enlightening support and healing guidance from above.

Register through Zoom here: 

AstroWeather Forecast Zoom Registration

Optional donations for this event accepted here:

Mystic Heart Astrology's Tip Cup

Please email with any questions or suggestions

Thanks much,


[email protected]

P.S. Here's the Astrological Calendar for April (Central time):

April's AstroCalendar

(currently by Zoom conference)

March 7th, 7:00 - 8:30 PM Central

1st Sunday of each month

Come and weave a circle of sacred presence through the ethers to support all beings in this strange time.

Honor and open to the heart of wisdom in all the spiritual traditions of the world by singing sacred songs and dancing simple steps in an attuned "circle" of universal prayer.

No former experience is necessary. You'll learn the words, songs and (a few) movements we'll be using, and be nourished by some deep discussion with soul family.

All are welcome.

Register here: Dances of Universal Peace March 7th

I'm a certified dance leader and Sufi initiate who's been participating in the Dances since 2010, and have been on a path of spiritual and musical study with mentors since April 2014.

Now I'm learning how to offer rewarding practices to Dance-lovers and experimenters online, and it's very... interesting (but curiously, still very healing). 

Please feel free to call or email with any questions



[email protected]

For more info on the dances:

Dances of Universal Peace North America

And the universal Sufi order they come from:

Sufi Ruhaniat International

And other local Dances events:

Dances of Universal Peace Twin Cities